Two Signs You May Need Pool Repair

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A pool provides you with a wonderful place to cool off and relax on a hot day, and a great way to get exercise. While you may know how to maintain your pool, many people are unsure of when their pool needs repairs unless a part is not working. For example, if your pool pump stops working, you know you need pool repair. However, there are many signs that you may need pool repair that are not as obvious as something failing to work. Here are two of the signs that your pool may be in need of repair. 

You See Cracks or Flaking in the Pool Plaster

One of the signs that your pool may need to be repaired is cracks or flaking in the pool plaster. When you are cleaning your pool or using it, take the time to look at the plaster that makes up the walls of your pool. If you see cracks, flaking, or chipping, you should be concerned. Flaking, chipping and cracking typically occur due to age, but can also occur if the soil holding your pool in place begins to shift or move. Pool cracks, chips, and flaking need to be repaired quickly, or water can begin to leak out of your pool, causing damage to the soil around your pool and the plumbing that is beneath and around the pool. 

The Pool Mastic is Damaged

A pool mastic is where the edge or surround of your pool meets your pool decking or apron. There is typically a gap between the mastic and your pool apron or surround. This may be filled in with a sealant, concrete or brick cement. If the mastic or gap between the mastic and your pool apron is damaged, you will want to have it repaired quickly. The mastic and the gap help to keep water from spilling out of your pool and falling down the edge of the pool. This can cause extensive damage to the pool, soil surrounding the pool and the plumbing around the pool. 

When your pool needs repairs, it is important to have the repairs made in a timely manner. Pool problems will only continue to grow and get worse if the problem is not repaired timely. What may have been a small issue can turn into something much larger and more costly. Contact your preferred pool repair company today if you have any of these signs to have your pool inspected and find out what repairs may be needed.