3 Advantages Of Saltwater Pools

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Saltwater pools are an alternative type of swimming pool that, as their name states, make use of salt in the water instead of chlorine to kill bacteria and plant growth. This distinctive method of maintaining a pool's cleanliness comes with a number of unique advantages. Understanding what some of the largest benefits of installing a saltwater pool are can help you figure out if a saltwater pool is the right choice for your backyard.

1. Lack of Odor

One of the largest and most immediately noticeable advantages associated with a saltwater pool is the fact that it does not emit a strong smell of chemicals as chlorine pools do. Not only will this make it more comfortable and enjoyable for you to swim in your pool, but you also won't have to worry about carrying the smell of chlorine around with you after you've gone swimming until you get the chance to shower again. While your pool will still have a smell, it will be the distinct smell of salt, similar to the ocean.

2. Improved Physical Comfort and Safety

In a somewhat related vein to the above point, another advantage of choosing a saltwater pool is the fact that the salt in the water will not irritate your skin and eyes or damage your skin and hair as chlorine will. This means you won't have to worry about dried out hair, flaking skin, or red eyes after going for a swim – an important consideration for those who are fairly sensitive to exposure to certain chemicals. Further, you won't have to worry about handling and storing chlorine, which can pose a health risk to you and your family in large enough quantities over a long enough period of time.

3. Reduced Time Spent On Maintenance

Another key advantage of choosing to install a saltwater pool over their more common chlorine counterparts is the fact that saltwater pools do not require the same amount of maintenance. This is because the chemical balance within the pool does not need to be constantly artificially altered. The salt in the water will maintain a balance that only needs to be topped up occasionally (as in once a week, if not a longer gap, depending on your specific pool, the pump system, how often the pool is used, and the climate surrounding the pool). This makes it easier for you to focus on enjoying swimming in your pool, instead of constantly worrying if the water is properly balanced and sanitized.

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