Swimming Pool Repairs You Can Do

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A swimming pool can keep you cool and provide a great amount of fun and entertainment for kids and adults alike. A pool requires a lot of responsibility and care from you to ensure it is in good working order and the water is safe for swimming. If your pool isn't properly cared for, it can result in stagnant water, which can be loaded with bacteria, making your pool a dangerous cesspool. See below for some swimming pool repair tips to help you care for your pool.

Change The Filter Sand

If you have a sand filter, you should change the sand at the beginning of the season. The old sand could hold algae and other bacteria from last season, so change the sand to be sure you aren't spreading bacteria in your pool. Changing the sand is not too difficult, but be sure you don't get sand in the main tube. Use a cup or plastic wrap to cover the tube to prevent sand from getting inside. If you do get sand inside, it can get into your pool, where it will be difficult to remove.

Add Chemicals As Needed

Don't just toss chlorine in the pool and call it a day. Check the chemical levels in your pool using a test kit. Watch for any issues such as water discoloration or algae spots growing on the bottom of the pool. Clean your pool often, in addition to checking the chemical levels. Your pool can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris that can settle to the bottom of the pool. Use a vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool and chemicals to clean the water.

Repair Small Liner Holes/Tears

If you have any issues with holes or tears to the liner, you can use a liner repair kit to make repairs yourself. The repair kit comes with pieces of vinyl that can be cut to fit around the hole/tear. It will also contain adhesive to help the vinyl stick. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and cut the patch so it's at least 1–2 inches larger than the hole/tear. Keep an eye on this patch to be sure it adheres properly and doesn't fall off (or is pulled off).

Replace The Liner

Replacing a liner is a repair you can do, but it will require several helping hands. This is something that should only be attempted if you know what you are doing. A liner is an expensive part of the pool, and if you aren't sure how to install it, it could result in an expensive mistake. Leave this work to a professional to ensure it is installed properly.

Swimming pools are a lot of fun. Make small repairs to your pool to ensure it works properly season after season, but leave larger repairs to a professional pool service company, like Kokopelli  Pool and Spa.