Use Your Inground Pool And Attached Whirlpool During An End Of The Summer Party

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If a custom swimming pool that contains a swim up bar and attached whirlpool was installed on your property in the beginning of the summer and you have chosen to hold an end of the summer party that includes using the water feature, eating, and socializing with your guests, the following ideas will assist with planning the event.

Prepare Beverages And Appetizers 

Fill pitchers with cool drinks, including iced tea, lemonade, and cocktails. Place the pitchers on top of the bar or on a cart that has been pushed next to the side of the pool that contains the swim up bar. Fill a small cooler with crushed ice and set a stack of plastic cups next to the beverages. Prepare simple appetizers, such as slices of fruit or crackers and cheese and place the appetizers on a large tray that is set in the middle of the bar. After guests arrive for the party, invite them to swim over to the bar so that they can drink a cool beverage or eat a snack.

Organize Games And Provide Floats And Furniture For Lounging

Install a net on one end of the pool so that it divides an area that can be used to play volleyball or badminton. Purchase a basketball hoop and foam ball and set up the hoop so that it is hanging over the water. Inflate a few floats for some of your guests to relax on while they observe others competing in a volleyball or badminton match. Set up an informal seating area near the edge of the pool so that people who do not wish to get in the pool or who would like to work on their tan can spend time watching guests swim or compete in a game.

Turn On Lights And Play Music While Guests Soak In The Whirlpool

Place a canopy next to the whirlpool and hang paper lanterns that are battery-operated from the edges of the fabric covering. Otherwise, install LED lights that are secured to stakes on the property that surrounds the whirlpool. Near the end of the party, ask your guests if they would like to soak in the whirlpool for a while. During this time, play soft music on a portable radio or stereo to help your guests unwind or avoid music altogether and spend the time speaking with your guests as everyone enjoys the warm water.