Five Ways To Get More Use From Your Swimming Pool This Summer

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A pool is an amazing amenity to have in your backyard during warm weather, but it may seem that you don't have the opportunity to use it as often as you wish. Before long, the cooler weather sneaks up on you and it is time to drain and cover your pool for the winter ahead. Get the most from your swimming pool and spend more time enjoying this very-special space all summer long!

Five ways to enjoy your swimming pool this season are:

  1. Hire a pool maintenance company. There is maintenance involved in owning a swimming pool, and it may seem that you spend all of your free time cleaning, testing, and maintaining your pool- which can infringe on the time you have to enjoy it. Hire a reputable pool service company to make weekly visits to take care of these details, and to give you more time to relax and swim!
  2. Hire a personal teacher or trainer. Set up a water-fitness class for you, your family, and friends to take all summer long. Have an instructor or personal trainer come to your home to lead a class that will not only keep you in shape, but that will help you enjoy your pool even more this year.
  3. Install a firepit. Talk with pool contractors about the feasibility of adding a firepit near your pool This serves a couple purposes: first, it provides warmth and light for nighttime swims, and second, it creates a sanctuary-like vibe that will compel you to spend more time outside.
  4. Throw a party. Why wait? Invite your family, friends, and coworkers over more often for a swim. Don't let summer sneak by without hosting at-least one awesome pool party, particularly for your friends and cohorts that don't have their own swimming pool.
  5. Extend your outdoor living space with in-pool furniture. Did you know that you can have furniture- tables and chairs- installed in the pool, itself? Imagine, no more picking-up or cleaning your outdoor patio furnishings! Talk with pool contractors about unique ways to implement in-pool furniture to add seating, entertainment features, and convenience to your pool area, which can free-up more time for lounging by it this summer!

Use these tips to enjoy your swimming pool more this season, before cooler-weather comes. Talk with pool installation experts to upgrade or enhance your current pool, as well as for ideas related to landscaping the pool area that make it more of an extended outdoor living space. Get the most out of your pool and share special moments with those you love all summer long!