3 Tips for Renovating Your Pool With Custom Finishes and Colored Designs on Different Surfaces

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Are you ready to give your pool a makeover with a new finish and deck area? The pool of your home can be renovated in many different ways to give it color and a custom design. There are different options to consider depending on the type of pool surface or if you have a liner. Here are some of the options to consider for different surfaces and custom pool renovations:

1. Make Over Your Pool With a New Liner and New Pool Deck Surface

If you have a pool with a liner, replacing the liner may only be part of the renovations that need to be done. Consider new skimmers and a new pool deck surface to completely makeover your pool area. If you want to add a personal touch to the liner in the pool, use special pool surface decals that can be applied to the liner and give your pool liner more of a custom look. Talk with your pool contractor about other options for customizing your pool liner for a more unique look.

2. Fix Aging Fiberglas Pool With Colored Gel Coat Finishes

Fiberglass pools have come a long way since began being installed. The older pools often have a plain white or faded yellowish finish. Today, gel coating technology has changed and fiberglass pools have many options for custom finishes. When renovations and repairs are done to your fiberglass pool, talk with the contractor about using colored gel coat finishes and other options to give your pool a customized makeover.

3. Give Tile and Concrete Pools a New Look With a Custom Finish

Concrete and tile finishes commonly wear, crack or become damage. A new coating for concrete usually will stop leaks and other problems, but it is often plain. Consider covering concrete with a new custom surface or tile for a unique look. If you have a tile pool, you may want to save some of the tile or completely replace the tile for renovations. Consider just replacing tiles in areas with colors and designs and repairing the main colored tiles to cut costs. Tiles can also be removed and replaced to give the surface of your pool a custom design.

No matter what type of pool you have, there are options for renovations to give it a makeover with a brand-new look. Contact a pool renovation service like After Hours Pool Service and talk with the pros about some of these options to give your pool a new look.