Three Hot Tub Accessories To Make Your Summer Soak More Enjoyable

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Although soaking in a hot tub is fun, you can significantly increase you and your guests' enjoyment factor by adding a few accessories. Here are three hot tub accessories that will add comfort and convenience to your soak.

Refreshment Bar

Relaxing in a hot tub can be thirsty work but, unless you have a servant standing by waiting to tend to your every need, you'll have to leave the tub every time you want to get something to eat or drink. One way to avoid this is to get a refreshment bar to hold food, water, and other things.

These food and drink holders are designed to securely clip onto the side of the hot tub, though you can find some that will float on top of the water. They also come in a variety of configurations, from a simple cup holder that can accommodate two glasses to something complex with multiple compartments that can hold fruit, ice, a full bottle of wine and other items. Additionally, you can also use them to hold non-food items like keys and cell phones, making it a good multipurpose option for your hot tub.

Waterproof Speakers

Music is known to help alleviate stress, which can make your hot tub soak even more beneficial to your health and wellness. The water, however, can make it a challenge to have electronics nearby. One option is to get Bluetooth-enabled waterproof speakers that won't short out after coming in contact with moisture.

Using Bluetooth, you can set your phone to connect to the speaker and play your favorite tunes. You can also get speakers that have other features that may make your soak more enjoyable, such as a light that helps illuminate the area when it gets dark or a built-in clock that lets you keep track of how long you are in the tub.

Towel Warmer

One of the worst things about using the hot tub is the fact that you eventually have to get out of it and deal with the cold air. A great way to counter this is to get a towel warmer that will gently heat your towels and make getting out of the hot tub less discomforting. Although designed for towels, you could also use the warmer to make cloth robes nice and toasty for full-body coverage.

For more hot tub accessory suggestions or to have a hot tub installed at your home, contact a local dealer who has hot tubs for sale.