How To Minimize Spark Issues With Your Outdoor Fireplace

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If you have had an outdoor fireplace installed on your property to accent an outside sitting area or a pool space, then you want the fireplace to be as safe as possible. Safety means containing sparks so they do not fly up into the air and set trees and dry brush on fire. Keep reading to learn how you can minimize sparking issues.

Think Carefully About Placement

One of the easiest ways to minimize outdoor fireplace sparks is to make sure that your fireplace is secured in the right space outside. Fireplaces should always be placed a good distance from your home or any combustible structure. A minimal distance of 10 feet is best, but more space is desirable. If you want to be extra safe, then measure the space between the fireplace and your home and make sure it is about 12 to 15 feet. This measurement should also be the same when looking at sheds, garages, and other structures. 

Also, the fireplace should not be placed directly under low hanging branches. If branches are hanging near the area where you want to install your fireplace, consider hiring a tree trimming professional to cut back the branches first. 

Another placement consideration to think about is whether or not the fireplace can tip or slide off an embankment. Placing the fireplace on a heavy duty concrete base or slab is a good way to prevent this sort of issue. Concrete slabs should be about four to six inches thick. The thicker the concrete, the more weight it can hold. If you have a 500 to 800 pound fireplace, then concrete that is closer to six inches thick is a good idea. 

Add A Spark Arrestor

There are several things that your fireplace should include on the construction itself to keep sparks contained. The first thing is a wire guard placed directly against the opening of the fireplace. The guard should completely surround the opening and leave very little space around the perimeter. This will help to contain the majority of sparks. 

If the fireplace has a long firestack or chimney, then a cap on top is a good idea. This cap helps to direct flue gasses and smoke up and away from the fireplace. The cap should also include something called a spark arrestor. This is a piece of wire mesh made from galvanized steel or stainless steel that sits across the chimney opening just underneath the chimney cap. The arrestor pushes sparks down into the fireplace if they rise up and out of the chimney. For more information, contact companies like Eastgate Pools.