Accessories Every Spa Owner Should Consider For Entertaining

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Owning your own spa is not always about just having a private place to sink in and relax at the end of a long day; spas can also be a great entertaining feature to have at your house. Your friends and relatives will always appreciate being invited over to your house for a relaxing evening in the spa. While just the soothing, gurgling hot water may be enough for entertainment, you could always enhance the spa experience even more. Here are a few spa accessories you should consider if you frequently entertain guests in your spa. 

1. Spa Refreshment Trays - Entertaining guests -- even in the spa -- should almost always include served drinks or snacks. You can obtain spa refreshment trays at just about any spa or pool supply store in a range of styles. Some spa trays are designed to simply float on the water and contain cupholders to hold drinks, but there are also elaborate versions that slip over the side of the spa and serve as a table to hold beverages and even snacks if you choose. 

2. Spa Pillows - Give your spa guests the fully enjoyable experience by providing spa pillows for every guest at the party. Spa pillows are usually just inflatable cushions that have a plastic piece designed to hold the pillow in place on the side of the tub. However, spa cushions can also be more like real cushions but made with waterproof materials. Whatever style you choose to go with, you will be considered the greatest spa host if your guests can relax comfortably. 

3. Colorful Spa Lights - Much like a pool, a spa can be lit up in a range of fun colors with the addition of spa lights. This is a great idea if you will be entertaining guests in your spa after dark. Spa lights are available as inexpensive floating LED lights that reflect light into the water or as more expensive lighting systems that can do an array of light functions with just the touch of a button. 

4. Non-Slip Spa Steps - The last thing you want is to invite guests over for a soak only to have someone injured by the end of the night. Before entertaining in your spa, invest in a good set of non-slip spa steps to situate at the entry point of your hot tub. Even though most people can step into a spa without problems, the steps will be a generous gesture for your guests and help keep everyone safe. 

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