Winter Spa Safety Tips

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A backyard spa hot tub may seem like the perfect place to relax and enjoy a bit of the outdoors during the cold winter months. You can relax in the warm water while enjoy freshly falling snow, which makes a spa a truly four season outdoor choice in a cold climate. If you have this goal, you need to know the following safety tips for using a spa outdoors during the winter months.

Tip #1: Prevent a slip and slide

One of the main dangers is making your way to and from the hot tub. The area around the spa is likely going to get wet, which will result in ice as the temperature plummets. One way to ensure traction is to get walkway mats. These porous mats allow moisture to drain through, but they provide high texture on top to aid with footing. If it snows, you can sweep them off. It's also possible to shake them to remove any icy particles trapped inside.

Tip #2: Look up for possible hazards

The steam coming off of a spa can also be problematic, since it can aid in the formation of icicles on any overhangs above the area. These icicles pose a very real danger if they fall on someone below, since they can result in injury or even death. The best way to avoid this is to site the spa away from any overhangs above. If you can't move the spa, just make sure to check for and knock down any icicles before getting into the water.

Tip #3: Create a safe drying area

Whether the drying area is just inside your patio door or an actual changing room outdoors, it's vital that there is a safe area to towel off and slip into a robe quickly. The concern isn't necessarily hypothermia – it's wet skin and metal. When you get out of the spa, chances are you are relatively warm but wet. Failing to dry off completely and then touching metal in freezing temperatures means that you may instantly freeze to the metal object, for example, if you grasp a metal door handle. Your drying area, whether indoors or out, should have all exposed metal covered with fabric or plastic tape. This includes door frames or anything else you may accidentally touch when rushing to get back to warmth after a spa session.

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