Must-Have Pool Safety Equipment

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Owning a swimming pool can be a lot of fun, but pool ownership also comes with inherent responsibilities. This is especially true if you live in a residential neighborhood where the possibility of a neighbor's child or pet getting into your pool exists. But regardless of where you live, whether it be in the city or in the boonies, the fact remains that you're responsible for keeping your pool safe at all times. Read on to learn about some must-have pool safety equipment that'll keep your pool safer for everybody and give you additional peace of mind as well.

Pool Fencing

Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, fencing is a must. In some cities and states, pool fencing is even a legal requirement, meaning that you could be fined for not having it. Why's pool fencing so important? Because it can help to keep unwanted pets and children out of your pool, thus reducing the risk of an accident (such as drowning) on your property. There are many types of pool fencing to consider, including wood, vinyl, wrought iron, and even glass. A minimum of four feet is recommended for pool fence height.

Pool Alarms

Much as you can place an alarm on your home to alert you of an intruder, you can also set up sensors around your pool that will alert you if somebody enters the area. These sensors can be placed on pool fences, around an above-ground pool, or even in the water. The alarm can be easily activated and deactivated as needed, and you can even purchase a wristband that syncs with the alarm system and can alert you while you're home if somebody or something enters the pool area, allowing you to react quickly.

Solid Pool Covers

A traditional pool cover can't be considered a safety device. In fact, these covers can be especially dangerous because it's possible for people to fall through them and then become trapped under water. On the other hand, a solid pool cover can hold more than 200kg of weight without giving way, making these an ideal option for restricting access to the pool and essentially eliminating the possibility of an accident.

Owning a pool isn't all fun in games, so be sure to outfit your pool with all the safety equipment you need to avoid an accident. Check out a local pool maintenance company for more information on keeping your pool safe for both swimmers and neighborhood wanderers like pets and children. From there, you can enjoy greater peace of mind, even when you're not at home.